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The Rapidstrike CS-18 gives you serious rapid-strike firepower.With a 25-dart drum, this blaster brings impressive firepower to the battle.

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They can choose their target and fire 1 dart at a time, or unleash all 6 darts in rapid succession with slam-fire action.When the mission calls for serious firepower, bring along the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage blaster that packs a high-capacity 25-dart drum and comes with 25 Official Nerf Elite darts.

Speed and mobility are yours with the quick draws and fast firing of the Strongarm blaster.

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Load and fire fast with the NERF N-STRIKE ELITE INFINUS blaster.

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EU Warning: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to small parts which could cause a choking hazard.

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Most blasters within the series feature the use of tactical rails and attachment points for barrel extensions and shoulder stocks.Press the acceleration button, pull the trigger, and let the rapid-fire.Nerf N-strike Mega Series Rotofury Blaster (B0719) review Nerf N Strike Mega Rotofury Blaster (Nerf) Unleash The Rapid-fire Fury Of The Mega Rotofury Blaster.Find great deals on eBay for nerf rapid strike and nerf rapidstrike.

The Nerf N-Strike Modulus Ghost Ops Evader comes with the blaster, the clip housing cover, the barrel extension, a 12-dart clip, 12 Elite darts, and instructions.

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What makes guns of the N-strike series so cool and sought after, is the fact that you can use the N-Strike accessories to customize them and create your own, unique Nerf gun mods.

N Strike Rapidstrike : Target

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The product is sold at 1 online shop in UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman.

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While there have been some fully automatic blasters in recent years, such as the Stampede ECS and Vulcan EBF-25, these cannons have been too heavy and bulky to serve as anything but stationary machine guns.All you have to do is load the 12-dart clip into the Evader blaster, take aim, and unleash 12 darts in a row with rapid-fire motorized blasting.

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Problem is, it takes a second (literally 1 second) to spin up, so whoever your shooting at will hear you and duck or hide.

This is a range test for the Nerf N-Strike Elite RapidStrike CS-18.It has the same long-range power as other N-Strike Elite blasters (sold separately), and it rapid-fires 6 darts when you pump the Slam Fire slide repeatedly while holding the trigger.The 2016 Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire is a full auto blaster with an impressive 25 dart drum and 5 darts per second firing rate.

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