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BG55 Stihl Gas Leaf Blower. 27.2 CC. gasoline-powered leaf blower.That makes cleaning gutters a pretty risky thing since I live in a 2-story home.The Trackless Leaf Loader is an advanced and efficient leaf loading attachment whereby leaves are picked up curbside, mulched and blown into a truck ready to be taken offsite.The LeafPro Universal Leaf Collection System is the solution to the annual problem of bagging those piles of leaves in your yard.

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Start in a corner, place the hose on the floor, and walk backward to pick up debris.If you have to pick up water with your vacuum, you may need to go over the area several times.

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It would be equally foolish to order a replacement and relive this scenario one or two years hence.The Toro 51591 leaf blower has a blower vac attachment that comes with a bag.Craftsman Leaf Blower Model 358.748220 (358748220) Parts - Shop online or call 800-269-2609.Insert the longest hose into the vacuum and fasten the longest rigid extension attachment to the hose.

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BLACK and DECKER - Leaf Collection System Attachment for Black and Decker Blower Vacuum - Reduces lawn cleanup to one simple operation.You run it around the yard, hitting the leaf piles, and it will snap up any fallen soldiers and give them a quick mulch.I want to connect a leaf vacuum to a debris collector I already have and am satisfied with, rather than using a mesh bag over a trash can and need to know if the hose in this is the right size or whether I will need an adapter to connect to the inlet of my debris collector.

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When you need a wet dry vac, filter, accessory, or an air mover, air circulator or stainless steel trash can - you can find them all over America.These leaf blowers are lightweight and withstand everyday heavy-duty usage.

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I shall not dwell on the lack of I.Q. displayed by using a zipper to seal the leaf bag.The operator thus is able to suck up fallen leaves efficiently.

The favourite way of using this leaf vacuum is to attach it to the rear of the leaf collector trailer.

I used a 32 gallon plastic rolling trash can with 42 gallon bags inside and once they were full it was very hard to.

This blower can reach up to 129 MPH, and it offers a full variable trigger that allows for total power control.

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The discharge hose is attached to the rear of the collector trailer.This leaf collector trailer can be supplied with a kit to modify your own trailer, or SCH will collect it and modify it for you.

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